Alex is the sarcastic Tailor of the Facility, running the Department of Fashion as a way to pay her way in the Facility.


Born in Britain to German father and a British Mother, Alex and her parents eventually moved to America, where she and her mother were killed in a car crash. Through events beyond her control, history was rewritten around her, leaving her with two sets of memories that were misdiagnosed as various mental illnesses, and she was falsely prescribed various medications that sent her spiralling into depression for several years. The crash also left her with a injured leg, requiring a leg brace to walk or even stand.

Eventually, she found her way to the Facility, drawn to her father's workplace. Here, she settled in quickly, dabbling in various magic types before realising the adverse affect this was having on her mental health.

Later, she would open a tailoring business with her close friend Danni as the "Department of Fashion", picking up the skills of the trade surprisingly quickly.

Powers and Abilities

Alex's crippled leg makes her a less than capable combatant. As such, she tries to avoid combat whenever possible.

Being a paradox, she is often effected by the different versions of her timelines. An example of this is her Facility-issued ID card being unable to class her as having any particular access level, instead letting her enter just about any area she chooses.