AM the regenerating intern is one of the facilities most frequent test subjects, expendable investigators and victims of scientific mishaps. He was killed in Season 4, Episode 1, but regenerated and was captured in season 4 episode 2 and fully released in episode 3.


After the permanent loss of many interns due to routine experiments, may at the facility began to question the cost effectiveness of kidnapping interns. One of the proposed solutions was a multi-use intern capable of taking extreme punishment and then regenerating itself to full capacity.

Testing began but due to budget cuts the project had to be combined with project HOLY-GUARD, a project designed to make a line of defensive soldier capable of withstanding dark magic and cosmic abjurations.

The first candidate was abducted from [REDACTED] and given several augmentation drugs and 3 different protection rituals. Unfortunately, due to the lack of research into the reactions between augmentations, a large explosion was triggered by a faulty telomere suppressor causing the process to be abandoned.


After finding himself trapped in a facility with a shortage of interns, AM was immediately instructed to begin testing within several different experimental departments. However, due to facility procedures not specifying what happens to interns after they survive a week, AM soon fell through the cracks of bureaucracy and was released to wander the facility.

Encountering many strange creatures including Gods, Demons, Furries, and other hazards to his health, AM soon found safe haven in the disused media room, from which he accepted a Macbook Pro from a dying investigative journalist, and vowed to disperse the news from all corners of the facility to anyone willing to listen (and paid well).


AM is armed with several IDATHA weapons including, the thaumatic plasma cannon and corrosion ball launcher, as well as more conventional weapons such as a stinger launcher. In addition his personnel amour closet contains a Basilisk armour set and Revenant C34 power armour.

On his person at all times is a modified Fujifilm 960c deluxe model digital camera able to withstand grenade blasts and spectral energies.

His personnel quarters are adjacent to hanger 16 where he keeps an unrecognizably wrecked starship as a personnel project.