AM-60 is a floating spherical robot with integrated machine learning algorithms, or in layman's terms, a floating metal ball that talks like a human. It is the acting head of the Automotive and Military Department, and is the only Auto/Mil drone with admin-level access to all Auto/Mil systems.


It's unknown when AM-60 was created, but its existence was made public in early March of 2016, after the previous head of Auto/Mil was trapped outside of space-time in a time-travel mishap. Given the specific nature of the robot, it is likely that it was designed specifically for use as a replacement department head in case of the eventual loss of the previous head.


AM-60 is constructed of an unknown metal alloy, and is a perfect sphere, completely featureless save for three light-blue lights on its front. It floats using an internal propulsion system that is likely based on some form of exotic matter. While AM-60 has no weaponry of its own, the alloy it is made from seems to be remarkably strong, and due to its admin-level access to Auto/Mil systems, it can use the Department's offensive drone fleets as a personal army if necessary.